Blue Wave is focused on individual and team development by providing beginning, intermediate, and advanced skills training at twice-weekly practice sessions, then reinforce what players practice in live game situations on a regular and consistent basis.

Besides consistent practice/training sessions and regular game play against top competition, Blue Wave’s winning formula is based on age group and “having the right coaches at the right time” to move players up the ladder of success.


For example, the 9U and 10U age levels are considered “Club Baseball 101” years where coaches work on the basic fundamentals of the game – such as base stealing, holding runners, cutoffs, and pick-off plays.

Typically, 9U and 10U players start at the “AA” level of play, where they make as many mistakes as they do plays. Besides just learning the fundamental skills required to catch, throw, hit and play the game, for many of them this is their first experience with playing for coaches that demand more discipline and a higher level of play from them.

Players at this age lack confidence, so it is important to have coaches that can balance discipline and instill confidence in young players at the same time. It takes more patience to work with players at 9 and 10 years old than it does with players at 18.


By the time players reach the 11U and 12U age group, Blue Wave teams compete at the AAA level, often at the Majors level, which is the top competition classification for club and travel teams. This is also the age where players begin to play in some national events where they travel and stay together.

At 13U and 14U, Blue Wave focuses on preparing players for their first year of high school baseball. At this age level, all team coaches also coach at local high schools, such as Northwood, Beckman, Costa Mesa, and others in the Irvine area, many of the same schools that the players will be attending.


By the time a Blue Wave player steps on a high school field for the first time, most have had from 8 to 18 months of practice and game play at a 9th grade (freshman) level. They practice with high school coaches at high school facilities as 7th and 8th graders.

As a result, Blue Wave has one of the most successful high school prep programs in Southern California – 95% of the players make their high school teams as incoming freshmen.

Once players enter their high school years, Blue Wave gives them the advanced skills and training at the 15U and 16U levels to keep its players one step ahead of the competition for starting positions on the high school varsity team, as well as some of their first looks from college recruiters and scouts.


By the time players make a Blue Wave 17U or 18U team, they are well groomed to enter their “recruiting years” for college scholarships and, on occasion, for professional opportunities. At these ages, Blue Wave participates in top college showcase events and works with leading recruiters from across the nation to place players that are in their last year or two of high school.

More than half the players on Blue Wave 18U teams find collegiate and professional playing opportunities each year.Type your paragraph here.